Welcome to Porn Week, Mashable's annual close up on the business and pleasure of porn.

Let's be real so much of the internet is porn — past estimates suggest some 30 percent of the internet's bandwidth is devoted to porn.

Shocker, I know, people love porn. But with so much to chose from, where do you go for the very best porn? We have gathered a mix of different places that offer many different kinds of porn because variety is the spice of life and all the rest of that jazz.

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Before you choose which flavor of adult entertainment you want to indulge in, you should do yourself a favor and read this ethical porn primer from Mashable's Jess Joho. Some of the top porn sites (and here the porn industry as a whole) are known to engage in some highly unethical practices. So while free porn holds a lot of appeal, for obvious reasons, it is often worth supporting click here premium sites whose porn fills whatever niches you're into read more — but in an ethical way. If that feels a little overwhelming, we've check here got a handy flowchart to help you figure out what type of porn suits click here you best.

Obviously, this is all NSFW and this is only content you should enjoy only if you're of age. Alright, well then, here we go. Here are 10 porn resources for all the horny folks out there.

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